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Actress Sophia Thomalla advertises dubious blockchain project

The Instagram star appears in a commercial for the Hamburg-based company GSB.
Behind the project is a businessman with a tricky past and strange partners.

G999 in focus: What is Sophia Thomalla promoting?

German it-girl Sophia Thomalla has been beating the advertising drum for a questionable crypto project since December. What - and who - is behind G999?

Experts issue warning for G999 and GSB boss Josip Heit

Consumer advocates and victims have published the website

Value of cryptocurrency climbs 5% to record high of $63,000

Ethereum also rose, reaching its own record high of $2,205

Feds arrest an alleged $336M Bitcoin-laundering kingpin

The alleged administrator of Bitcoin Fog kept the dark web service running for 10 years

Bitcoin falls almost 30% after China crackdown

Digital currency under pressure from payment crackdown and tweets from Elon Musk

Investigative.One has launched a new online media project

First focus topic: The fraud network involving Josip Heit and the G999